So excited to try Ring Lighting when it hits the market!!

There is obviously a reason for the delay. I would rather they send a finished fine tuned product then something early with a bunch of problems that makes zero sense .

My iPhone was delayed too as well as handfuls of other products. Doesn’t bug me one bit. The email clearly said if you can’t wait they will gladly refund you .

I’m patient I’ll wait for something that works good.

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This morning, on the day of release (LOL), I finally got an email from Amazon saying they will be delayed. This is Ring’s second delay. I am sure they have a good reason, but I can not find it anywhere. Besides here, I see no mention of this delay on the Internet?!?!

I never pre-order. I am not someone who needs to have the first one. I prefer to read user reviews. I pre-ordered this, because Home Depot sends me free things to review, and they had sent me a 12V landscape light. I do not have a landscape transformer. So, I had to buy one … and why not get a smart one?

I can not wait any longer. I am going to cancel my Amazon order.

Love Ring’s Customer Service, and the direction they seem headed … wish it would have worked out.

I can wait. I want them to get it right too… I have some projects going on at home that are just wrapping up so was hoping to get it this week so I could get the projects done, but I’m happy to wait for it to be right

Hi neighbors,

I wanted to make note here that we are opting to delay the 4/17 launch of Ring Smart Lighting so we can perfect our product and assure you, our neighbors, have the best experience possible as soon as you set them up. This time will help us ensure we bring new Ring devices to market when we are confident they will best empower Neighbors with an affordable, effective way to monitor and secure their homes.

Thank you for you patience and for sharing your thoughts here. We appreciate them all!


I appreciate that … Some people want a brand new product to be perfect from day one. I, on the other hand, expect brand new products to have teething pains. I would not want to receive a device that had hardware problems, or safety problems, that I would need to send back, but if it was a software/firmware/app problem, I would have preferred to receive it on promised delivery date and patiently waited for updates as I used my transformer.

Thank you Riley for the updates!

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@riley_ring if you need testers to make sure of that let me know :slight_smile:
I’m glad Ring decided that to make sure their customers get the best experience possible. I’ll rather wait than to get a rushed product that doesn’t work as expected.

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They were supposed to ship 4/17. Anyone know the updated ship date??

Everything happens for a reason …

I cancelled my Smart Lighting Transformer/Bridge order with Amazon. For less than I was going to pay for that, I got a 600W transformer from Amazon Warehouse. I will install it with a smart outdoor plug. So, I can control it with Alexa and SmartThings. I bought 500’ of 12/2 wire from Home Depot to run for lights.

With the Works With Ring program (see link), I may end up with a better (for sure more powerful) solution:

I think 200W is plenty for new installs (using LED’s [which was my plan]), but seems inadequate for existing system (using incandescent/halogen) and long runs.

@riley_ring if you need testers to make sure of that let me know”

Good luck with that :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a member of CenterCode, who is doing beta testing for Ring, and twice they asked if I wanted to be included, and twice I said yes and filled out surveys … and both times they did not get back to me. Not sure why I did not qualify!!! Especially, since I planned on installing a new landscaping system anyways. IMHO… I would have been the perfect Beta Tester!

Not everyone can be picked for the betas meeting critera or not. Most betas have limited spaces and this allows the beta teams to control things better in the beta instead of having a huge amount of testers especially for product testing. Software tests typically will have a larger beta. I have applied for several myself based on what they wanted and didnt get picked. Just keep trying you will get one.

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Thanks for the feedback @TheDogsCar. We appreciate your excitement with helping out our Beta team. However, please kindly remember not to post publicly about these opportunities. Keep in mind, our Beta team receives thousands of responses and participation is not guaranteed as there are limited seats available. We appreciate your patience.

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The tranformer I bought is working great. Glad I got it.

I decided to pre-ordered the Spotlight 2-Pack + Bridge. Hope they ship this time!

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I checked my Order Status this morning with Ring, “Sent for Fulfillment”

Amazon also has them, “In Stock”. The only one delayed is the Floodlight Battery; “In stock on May 16, 2019”


I see Ring released a video about grouping smart lighting


Let us know what you think once you receive them :slight_smile:

FedEx sent me shipping notification last night (no word from Ring?). Should be here on Friday. FedEx delivers around 11:30AM (EST) and if I make it to Home Depot to get 8 D batteries … I will let you know later that day!

Do I need to download a new App?

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I haven’t gotten a shipped notification yet. Hoping to see one today.

No need to download a new app @TheDogsCar. You’ll be able to set up your lights in your Ring app on the Dashboard or by clicking ‘Devices’.

@leehop71 where did you order from? Also, when?

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I got my shipping confirmation. Can’t wait to get my stuff in!

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