So excited to try Ring Lighting when it hits the market!!

Gotta say I am pretty excited to try Ring Outdoor lighting when it hits the market. I think what excites me the most if the ability to make the Ring lighting work with my current Ring ecosystem of products. Also the ability to trigger the lights based on motion to light up areas for safe entry in and out of the house. These lights combinded with my Ring Doorbells, Cameras and Ring alarm will give me yet another layer of security in my home. Anyone else going to get them when they come out?


I’m very excited, too! I plan on getting my dad the Pathlight’s for the sidewalk leading up to the front door. It’s so dark, whenever I visit I can’t see anything-- these are going to be perfect! Are you looking at any in particular?

For sure I need about 6-8 pathlights for front and side paths, maybe 4 step lights, and a couple spotlights as well. That should give me some great lighting coverage around house.

Im also really excited, I’m looking into getting a wired floodlight, a couple path lights, step lights and spot lights haha but probably not at first :frowning:

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I just pre-ordered the Transformer and Bridge. I needed a transformer for a 12V light I had sitting around. This smart one was not much more than other 200W dumb models I looked at. Love Ring’s Customer Service. So, happy to invest in more of their ecosystem.

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I expect they will update the app to allow a lighting schedule. Currently my solar lights are Dusk to Dawn, my wired lights are Dusk to 11PM and my battery lights are On with motion.

With the transformer, I want a combo of On from Dusk to 11PM and then On with motion until Dawn (motion tied into my other Ring devices [maybe other Alexa devices and cam’s too?]).

Fingers crossed!

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I agree. I want to order some now so I can get the first batch but not sure I can swing it. Very excited to see where ring is going!

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Im kind of bummed mr. beams old lights don’t work with this system

Why is the Wired Floodlight $20 more than the Battery Floodlight?!?! Ring charges the same for the Wired or Battery Spotlight cams. Most companies charge more for their battery devices.

Amazon is now claiming, ‘Arriving Apr 24, 2019’. Hope there is not another delay.

Hey @TheDogsCar that is a great question! The Floodlight Wired features a brightness of 2000 lumens while the Floodlight Battery has a brightness of 600 lumens. This makes all the difference when trying to illuminate a dark backyard versus adding light to a small entry way, for instance.

It is not just the lumens, it is the ability of leaving it On for extended periods, and not worry about the batteries. I already have numerous Ring Battery Cams and Mr. Beams. So, I am pretty covered for 20 to 30 seconds of motion lighting.

I got the transformer/bridge to smarten up by wired lighting.

The way my brain works, if I am paying more for the Floodlight Wired, then maybe I should just buy the wired Floodlight Cam? Can always use more cams!

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I broke down and did the pre order for the wired spotlights. Can’t wait to see how they work!

The battery option is great for people who don’t have a location with wiring. I do find it odd that they didn’t use the same rechargeable battery pack from the cam systems. Maybe to keep cost down?

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I think it is to keep the cost low, and that Ring bought Mr. Beam; Mr.Beam uses C’ & D’s.

I prefer rechargeable batteries. When they start to dim, I recharge. With disposables, I tend to deal with the dimming light. So, as not to squander a battery with some juice left. Suppose I could buy some rechargeable C’s & D’s and a charger?

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Yeah, I would be highly reluctant to buy something like this without rechargable battaries. As long as they dont specefically say you can’t use them, usually a pair of recharable C/D’s or whatever size they take would work. I’m concerned about lighting power and how long the battaries will last. Have to wait and see when people order and try them out.

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These are excellent questions to ask when considering the purchase of smart lighting. Here is a link to our FAQ which we will update with more information as it comes.

In regards to battery life cycle, all battery-powered Ring Smart Lighting products are designed to last around a year on one set of batteries under normal use. Battery life is dependent on device settings, usage, and other factors. Brightness may decrease as battery life is depleted.

Check out these batteries for an example of a what is standard and popular to use with Smart lighting.

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I see they released the manuals on Wednesday. I downloaded the manual for the Transformer. I want to install the landscape wire before it gets here. 16 gauge is cheap, but looks like I will need 12 gauge for longer runs. To get cost per foot down, Home Depot sells 500’ spools. I figure I will get one of those in 12/2, and then I will be able to add lights of extend runs, if needed.

Tried to order some spot lights today. They took the ability to order down. Now just gives you the option to put your e-mail in. Hopefully the pre orders ship tomorrow!

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That is odd?!?! I see you can still Pre-Order them on Amazon (Amazon owns Ring).

Hope they do not pull an Ultra 4K on us … but I would rather have an order cancelled, then have to send back a product that was under baked.

Ring asked if I wanted to beta test these, and I said, “Yes” … but I never heard back from them :frowning:

Just got the email. Delayed by 30 days. Hopefully it’s so they can get it right if there are issues.

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