Snoozing Motion Alerts

I have a Ring Doorbell Pro with 3 associated chimes.

When I snooze the Doorbell’s Motion Alerts, I’m still hearing the chimes go off when the doorbell detects motion, which seems bizarre.

I’m guessing the devices aren’t as interconnected as I thought…why wouldn’t the detecting device (doorbell) stop motion alerts throughout the system?

Do I have to manually go in and stop motion alerts on the chimes? I can’t snooze them (huge oversight), so I’d have to remember to re-enable them…

Hey @Whereupon ! That is correct, if you snooze motion notifications on just your Cam/ Doorbell, the linked Chime(s) will still sound. You would have to additionally toggle each Chime’s notification off, however, there is a Chime Snooze option. This option is found on your Chime device page in the app, and allows you to select between different durations.