Snoozing motion alerts also snoozes linked chimes

Another vote here for the ring software team to fix this annoying issue.

Add me to this list too.

Snooze in the U.K. means ‘off’ for a period of time.

Please fix this basic function.

It starting to look like Ring are stuck and no longer developing.

Yes please. Our doorbell has been doing the same since we started being out in the garden more. Near drives us daft!

Any movement on this issue? Its been known by the Ring Team and zero movement in all this time.

Will not be purchasing Ring ever again. The total incompetence is outstanding

Please allow silencing all notifications, chimes, and motion warnings for a specified length of time.

Without this essential feature, it’s highly likely that my patience runs out after another series of 60 chimes while my wife is watering plants on the front yard, and I’ll burn all Ring products I own, cursing them by the worst words ever spoken on this planet.

While there is a feature for silencing notifications in the Ring app, it’s poorly designed and doesn’t even work as designed:

  • It doesn’t silence Ring Chimes and they keep trying my patience on all 3 floors. This issue is critical and has a severe impact on usability of Ring devices.
  • It doesn’t pause motion warnings. This limitation is also critical.
  • It doesn’t silence notifications from Ring pathlights on the user’s device with silenced notifications. This is clearly a glitch that no one cares to fix even after reporting it to Ring Support a year ago.
  • It doesn’t silence the Ring Alarm Base.
  • It doesn’t silence notifications on other user’s devices.
  • It doesn’t silence notifications on devices that belong to the user’s family members.

My whole house keeps beeping and chiming every several seconds when someone is working on the front yard where I have 1 door bell, 1 security camera and a couple of pathlights. I tell you, this is a terrible experience!

You may suggest disabling motion alerts and motion warnings in the settings, but this seemly doesn’t work:

  • This would require changing settings in three separate groups of devices (a door bell, cameras, and pathlights), in all chimes (3 in my case) and in the alarm base. This takes too many steps (about one hundred taps) and too much time (about 10 minutes).
  • It’s almost guaranteed to forget to revert the changes in the settings compromising the security of the house.

We already have a silencing feature in the app, it just doesn’t serve its purpose. It will be better to improve how it works.

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Hello! When selecting to snooze alerts for all cameras on the homepage of the app, can Ring please also include all Chimes in this as well? Currently, we have to choose the snooze on the homepage for all cams, then go to the Chimes section and snooze each Chime one by one. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I tried unsuccessfuly to contact Ring Support to report this problem. They just sent me the standard boiler plate on how to snooze camera motion alerts.

The issue I have is not with the ability to snooze camera motion alerts, it is the fact that my Ring Chime and Chime Pro still sound alerts when the camera motion is snoozed. This should be fixed. When I have camera motion snoozed, there should be no alerts sounded on the Chimes.


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I should be able to set snooze for all Devices and not one by one. Snoozing chime is easier than ring doorbell. That’s one issue.

Also Need a baby mode so when baby sleeping the Amazon delivery does not wake baby. Need a baby/quiet/silent mode and have it scheduled everyday. So I don’t have to go to the app everyday.

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