Snoozing motion alerts also snoozes linked chimes

If I snooze motion alerts on any Ring Doorbell or Camera, I want to be able to tell it to also snooze any alerts from going off on a linked Chime.

In our home, we linked a Ring Chime to our Ring Doorbell so we can hear when someone is at the door regardless if they ring the doorbell or not. However, when we snooze motion alerts on the Ring Doorbell, the linked Chime still continues to sound off whenever motion is detected. The only thing that is snoozed is the smartphone alert. I have to manually snooze the Chime if I want some quiet when we have someone working the yard. This is also unsafe because it causes ALL chime alerts to be snoozed as opposed to just ignoring alerts from the camera I put on snooze. Please update this so that the snooze settings carry over from Ring Doorbells/Cameras to any linked Chimes.


I have exactly same this problem.

When we are doing gardening in the front of the house, the chimes keep going off over and over driving people still in the house crazy. (There are also several dozen useless videos). I thought snooze would work on all linked devices and was shocked to learn that it doesn’t.

There really needs to be an option to have the Snooze apply to ALL motion notifications from a device…


Hey Andy, Thanks for sharing your frustration with this too. I think that surely there are many more of us who are unhappy about this exact same thing, but just too bothered to sign into the community just to share their feedback. It’s such a hassle to even sign in with two-factor and all that. They really could just put all the feedback forums into the app somewhere that keeps our account signed in, but that’s a whole other topic. I would really like to see the Amazon and Ring team iron out these details rather than looking to the next big technology item like flying security drones… the software performance and just UX in general could use a lot more polish.


The exact same problem happens with linked Alexa Echo devices. I have a Chime Pro and several Echos and even though I snooze motion alerts, I still get them - not only on my chime, but also on all of the Echos! On a typical day, I take a walk during the time my wife is sleeping and snooze the doorbell - but she always gets woken up because the chime and all of the Echos in the house still announce my motion! They have known about this problem for well over a year and very politely “refer it to the development team”, but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GETS DONE TO FIX IT. The only solution was for me to REMOVE the Ring skill from my Alexa devices - so now I can’t control anything on Ring from them. They sure do advertise that I am able to do so though! False advertising, if you ask me. This is really an unacceptable situation. I was planning to buy many more Ring devices - but now those plans are on hold until this situation gets fixed.


Only disarm will silence the chimes. But then you need a reminder to switch it on again, something I will continually forget. There goes my security.

I either get used to ignoring there chimes, very hard and annoying, or I am not sure I switched it back on again.

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I am very happy to see someone has already requested this. I just added my vote. It is such a pain when I have contractors going in and out the front door. I have to silence / snooze the doorbell and the linked chime separately! There should be a link on the main dashboard for this. Maybe “snooze all” or something like that. Or when I silence the doorbell, give the option to silence any linked devices as well. Hope to see this feature added soon! Thank you!


Well dang! I always love how a giant multi million dollar company cannot give the task to a single developer to fix it. Like wtf type of company doesn’t fix things like this?? So let me get this straight: I snooze motion alerts for my ring doorbell but I still receive motion alerts for my ring doorbell? That’s a faulty product and system. I have all the time to get this taken care of and will or I will bring my ring doorbells back and just buy something else, even if it’s not as good of a product. I just don’t get why the leading company in these types of cams cannot fix these issues in a timely manner. We are coming up to 2 years of this issue? You’re telling me there isn’t enough revenue to fix this bug? Wtf!


Has there been any movement on a fix for this issue? I contacted support months ago, and they indicated that it is a known issue and there would be an update shortly. I have chime units in many parts of my house and it’s completely unreasonable to have to snooze each individually.

I too have the same problem. So Ring have done nothing to fix this in over 18 months. I wish I had known before I purchased my doorbell!
Shocking service really - it ought to be possible to silence motion alerts on all ring & Alexa devices with one click on the app