Snoozed on Apple Watch

My wife and I were packing for vacation and for the first time ever I choose to hit SNOOZE NOTIFICATIONS FOR THIRTY MINUTES on my Apple Watch. Since then (48 hours plus) we have received no notifications from the camera for any motion or events and when we log into the account on the app we can see there have been several but there are no video records of any of these events since we left and I hit snooze. Everything was fine before but isn’t now and I’ve searched and can’t find any setting change in the main system that would account for this. Any advice?

After hitting snooze for thirty minutes on my watch neither ring camera sends any notifications anywhere to either one of our phones or watches and the system is no longer recording any videos for any motion or person event. We can check the live feed and it’ll make a recording of that.

The device manager, health of the devices all of our setting are unchanged every thing should be as normal. All I did was hit snooze for thirty minutes on my watch and now we’ve got nothing.

Hi @user18474. If you did not change any notification settings within the Ring App , it could be a notification setting that was changed for your phone when you pressed snooze on your smart watch. Since your phone and smart watch are synced, it could have changed a setting on your phone that has impacted your notifications. Follow the steps in our Help Center article here to verify the notification settings on your phone. You may also want to double check your notification settings for your Ring Devices in the Ring App as well. Let us know if this helps. :blush:

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I will look into that now but that still doesn’t explain how the actual ring cameras are no longer recording videos on motion events. When you go into a motion event in recent activity you get VIDEO NOT FOUND-The video for this event does not exist. Prior to the snooze we were notified for every motion event and there was a corresponding video. No notifications and no videos anymore.

Just checked the notifications on my iPhone and they are correct/the way they should be. Person detected is working fine. Notification and video file for the event. It’s just MOTION that I snoozed that is totally inactive on notifications and making/storing videos

Hi @user18474. Since you have verified the settings we suggested are correct. I would recommend giving our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. They will be able to look into your concern more in depth. Let us know if our support team is able to resolve your concern!