Snooze notifications on all devices logged into the same Ring account

There should be a feature to mute notifications from motion sensors (cameras, doorbells, etc) on ALL devices (iPhones, iPads, etc) that are logged into the same ring account, from any ONE of the devices connected to the account. It can just be an additional button to have the option to “mute all devices” that are logged into the same Ring account. For example, right now, if your gardener comes to your house for an hour, you can snooze the notifications (for 30 min, an hour, or two), but only from/for one device at a time. So after I snooze my phone, my iPad, my wife’s phone, and my wife’s iPad are all still ringing/notifying around the house every minute. Very frustrating to have to go around to individually snooze every device connected to the same ring account. You should also be able to “snooze all motion sensors” at a location with one button, or individually snooze any one motion sensors, like we do now.


I second this suggestion!!!