Snooze motion light sensor on outdoor cam

Please add a snooze to the security motion lights on Floodlight camera, at present this ruins any garden lighting people own like Philips Hue etc. Ideally you snooze things within Modes i.e. leave your ring doorbell fully functioning and turn off “everything” else completly off. Then add scheduling to modes so we don’t forget to arm.


I’d like the same. I have a floodlight over my garage and sometimes like having a fire pit in the evening which is interrupted by the lights turning on. I’ve tried lowering the motion range for triggering lights to the minimum but they still turn on. Please enable snoozing of lights on motion so I can be in my driveway without the floodlights turning on. Currently the only option is killing the power to the device.

I can’t even turn off the switch as the Philips Hue garden light is on the samr switch. Going to make a small bucket to cover the sensor. It is so obvious that it needs a snooze and/or turn off function.

Agreed please enabled this feature. So annoying to have snoozed motion alerts only to have the lights blind you as you walk out the door. Also the app is still very buggy as I have everything disabled and zones turned off. The lights still come on !!! With all the ring amazon developers this should no be too hard to develop!!!