Snooze All Motion Alerts for a Site

I would like to see a button added to the app that allows you to snooze all motion alerts for an entire site. If I have a contractor or the lawn guy at my house, I currently have to go in and motion snooze each individual camera. Would be much more user friendly to be able to snooze all motion alerts for the site if I know what is going on and don’t want to get 6 alerts for every pass the lawn guy makes around my house.

Hi @twscottiii. If you have multiple Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras at one location, you can use the Global Snooze feature to snooze them all. Global Snooze is a feature that will allow you to temporarily disable Motion Alerts for all camera-based devices at a location with one action, similar to Motion Snooze but for all of your devices. You can find steps on enabling Global Snooze here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This feature does not seem to exist in this location after the latest app update. Or anywhere that I can find. I miss the button in the top right where it used to be.

Hi @dkrouse1. The Motion Snooze button should still be in the top right corner of your Ring app’s dashboard. It will be a crescent moon icon with 3 lines next to it.