Snooze all devices option

Looking for an option to Snooze All devices for a specified period of time from the push notification. I have a Ring door bell, 2 flood light cams and spot light cam. Once a week we have workers to mow the yard and set off motion on each device one by one. I can enable snooze from each individual notificaiton I get on my phone but would be great if I can snooze all my devices right away instead of individually.


I totally agree. Let’s say you have a party and a lot of people coming to your house, or if you work in your frontyard, you have to snooze the notifications on every device and can’t even do it for the chime. So it’s constantly going off. Please make that a global setting to snooze notifications on all devices!

I think this is a great idea. But please add ability to snooze alerts to all my devices. We have a ring chime that goes off for motion too, and we love it. But its really difficult to snooze that, my phone, my ipad, my ring app on my computer, my wife’s devices. A snooze all alerts for 1,2,3 hours would be awesome

I also would like to be able to SNOOZE ALL DEVICES with just one button. I was going to post this idea but since its already here - I will just add my name to the list. Thanks!

I have the same use case, mowers come by or kids are playing outside. I have 6 cameras so my only option is to turn off all of them and remember to turn them back on. Rather than getting a bunch of separate notifications just update the existing notification to list all motions and if you click on it takes you to the ring event history (rather than live feed for a single event). The notification link would change from “snooze” to “snooze all”. Update the snooze dialog to include a checkbox for “All” which is unchecked for single notifications and checked by default for multiple notifications.

Please include Ring chimes in the snooze all feature. Currently you have to still snooze chimes separately.

As a new user I am loving my multiple ring cameras. This is my pain point though. I don’t want to disarm my cameras but just snooze the motion alerts across all devices at times. Just being able to snooze one device is not helpful when several others are going off.