Snooze a set selection of cameras

When you go into the app, top right is the snooze all cameras access button. Problem is, what if you don’t want to snooze all the cameras but a set selection? You can go in a snooze each individual alarm, but it isn’t possible to set a schedule or indeed multiple snooze schedules to have a custom list of snooze profiles

The app needs a snooze group similar to a light group, so that multiple cameras can be snoozed simultaneously, without having to either go into the settings for each, or having to snooze EVERY camera en masse. There’s no in between at the moment! Also what has already been suggested, ability to link chimes snooze to the general snooze

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Please create the ability to group multiple cameras in order to motion snooze that one group (ie. I want to be able to motion snooze at times 3 cameras in the back and side of house but not the front of house so I don’t want to have to motion snooze each camera one at a time and I don’t want to global motion snooze)

I want to be able to snooze the 3 cameras in my back garden with one click, without also snoozing the camera at the front door. I have been looking for a way to do this via the Ring App but it seems it is currently not possible? If so please consider this feature request.

Likewise, this would be a great feature. I would like to snooze the house camera motions when one of us is home. I’d then like to keep the forward facing cameras (such as the doorbell) active for security at the front of the house.

I don’t need motion notifications when I am in the garden at home but I would like to hear when a parcel is being delivered at the front.

You could pair this with geofence options and allow users to group silence sets of cameras if registered account holding phones are at home.