Snapshot picture previews

I’ve used a few other camera brands like netatmo and logitech circle and they all have snapshot picture previews in the timeline and in the notifications. I’ve attached some screenshots comparing your timeline to others. Netatmo has no subscription, and Logitech give 24hrs free cloud recording. But Ring Charge a fee and you still do not have this feature. Considering people are paying for recording, we really should have a much better recording management to know if we need to view the recording or not. Right now all it says in the timeline is the word Motion, which is useless because still have to review the clip to see what it’s about. With snapshot pictures, we are able to glimpse at the timeline and decide what is of interest etc. Same with the notification, if i get a notification with a snapshot then I can decide if it’s of interest or not.

If someone instantly views a notifiction then yes it might work, but when someone is busy and comes to review the timeline, it’s overwhelming and time-wasting to have to watch clips to know what happened. This makes no sense whatsoever. The way Ring app currently is, it’s no different to a NVR with a local hard drive. I have set up many HikVision systems for businesses and they do exactly that and record motion. So ring isn’t being very appealing at all. I thought I would give ring a try seeing as you were one of the first players. But your UI is way to outdated. Are you lacking good developers? Netatmo started off as such a small company only few years ago and their UI is way better than ring and makes recording management and review so much more efficient.


The Ring App UI is seriously lacking and behind in the game.

Hey neighbors! We’re excited to announce our new feature that you may like, Rich Notifications. This is very similar to the requests made here in this thread. You can learn more about this feature in our Community Post here. Please note that this feature is **currently slow rolling ** and we appreciate your patience while we work to get it to all our neighbors!