Snapshot capture interval options changed

I have. 2 spotlight cams - exactly the same. I have the snapshot capture feature enabled and selected 5 minutes. I noticed today that one of my cameras was not recording as many snapshots. When I looks at the setting, I saw it was set to every 14 minutes and the 5 minute option was no longer there’s. Only 14 minutes and 1 hour. However my other camera was still set to very 5 minutes. Coincidently the camera that changed was updated today. The other was not. What would cause the difference? Did Ring take away yet another feature without communicating? I just posted about losing a good portion of my motion zone without warning and now this.

Update on this. I deleted the app and reinstalled. I rebooted the camera and magically my 5 minute interval came back. It’s odd because I wasn’t having any issues since I posted several weeks back that my camera videos at night were black. I ended up talking to support and they did something on their end and then had me delete the app and reboot. I was skeptical it would fix the issue but it did. Then I posted the other day about the uncommunicated loss of functionality when Ring took away a good 25% of the motion zone. The next day both cameras went offline. No internet / wifi issue. My other non Ring camera and thermostat worked fine. I posted asking what would cause this. They mysteriously came back online an hour or so later. Then I noticed one of the cameras was going through an update. When it came back online again I noticed the issue with the snapshot capture. What is going on? It seems like the Ring cam platform has become unstable and/or changes are being rolled out without communication to the customer. It concerns me I paid for these devices and a monthly service but have no control over what I’m getting for functionality and service. Can Ring explain what’s going on?

Hi @Deeaski. Which model of Ring Spotlight Cam do you have? You can find the specific model name on the Device Health page in the Ring app, or on the original packaging. It helps to know exactly which device we’re working with when clarifying the functionality of different features.

It’s interesting to see that this is a common problem with some’s floodlight cameras!! it is annoying because these cameras cost me just about $250 each. My most recent one that I purchased has intermittently occasionally done the snapshot capture. We will force it to reset I uninstalling it and reinstalling it. And then, once again, it goes to footage not available. Obviously some of these ring cameras are duds and they should be calling them back and replacing them ! I have three separate homes with ring products. Multiple spotlight, cameras, multiple doorbells, and I do expect them to work. This is very frustrating.

Hi @user63384. This isn’t a common problem with a Floodlight Cam and this post really pertains to the Spotlight Cam. If you are having issues with your Floodlight Cam, I suggest creating a new topic and expressing your issue there so we can better assist.

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