Smoke and CO listener on business account

I have my ring alarm system in place, and I am adding new things to it as they arrive. I run a business from my home, and I use the alarm system and it’s components for both business and for the house. However, the system is telling me that it will not allow me to add smoke and co listeners to my business account. I have 4 listeners and an additional 4 new smoke/co detectors on their way. Do I need to switch my account to a plain residential account, or is there a way to get this work with a business account. I do have Ring Protect Plus and Professional Monitorinig.

Hi @WarrenVet. Due to commercial regulations, you cannot add a Smoke and CO Listener to your Ring Alarm system when using Professional Monitoring at a business. Ring cannot monitor for smoke and CO at commercial locations. You can find more tips for using Ring Alarm at a business in our Help Center Article here. I hope this information helps clear things up. :slight_smile: