Cannot get my stick up cam (3rd Gen) or my peephole cam to integrate with SmartThings! I bought these cameras specifically to use them with SmartThings. Please update the integration with these devices, so there are no loop holes in my security system. You can’t just advertise that your two companies are partners and then silently pull the plug and let us users and community left unsafe because our systems aren’t integrated! Please make some updates so that we can use the cameras with ST, even if there is a an agreement we have to sign that gives ring no liability if we connect to third party, etc. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard to write up. We agree to all the other terms and conditions.


Hey @Neighbor27. Thank you so much for your feedback on this situation. At this time, it looks like Smart Things is not supported for those Ring products, but only these products listed here. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and rest assured that I will make sure your feedback is passed onto the appropriate teams. Thank you for this, neighbor! If you have not already, please ensure you get this feedback passed onto the Smart Things team as well. You can contact their support team here. :slight_smile:

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In the list of supported products the Spotlight Cam Wired is showed as supported. I have not been able to get that to work with SmartThings.


They need to either completely separate or become more connected and updated, this has been a problem for so many users and it’s really frustrating!

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@Chris11 Have you been able to reach out to SmartThings support on this? I helped a previous neighbor that was having a concern with linking their Floodlight Cam as it was not showing up, and had to direct them to that support channel, and they said once they gave them a call they got it fixed right up! You can contact their support team here. Let me know if they are able to help you get it connected.

@Neighbor27 Thank you for your feedback in this! I will make sure to pass it onto the appropriate teams here, and please note that this will be our integration with them at this time, and they only allow for those specific devices to work with them in comparison to all of our devices that we sell. I recommend passing this feedback along to their team if at all possible, but no worries on this front. I’ll make sure you are heard here, neighbor. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Same issue.

I just received (2) new Ring Spotlight Cams Wired (Model Number: 8SH1P7) and they show as being compatible with the SmartThings platform ( However, my Ring cameras are not showing up when I try to add them to my SmartThings account. Camera firmware shows as up to date. I have 2 other Ring devices (Doorbell and Stick Up Cam Elite) that are already showing on my SmartThings account without problem.

Any help/suggestions???

Hi @Chang. Neighbors that I’ve helped previously that did not see the Ring supported device show up in Smart Things, when they would see other Ring devices in there, found their concern resolved when contacting Smart Things support. Have you been in touch with them? You can contact their support here. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I’m having same issue, my doorbell pro and floodlight cans show up but my 3 spotlight cams do not. Anyone ever get spot light cams to work? I emailed smartthings and am waiting on a reply from them.

I am very disappointed with Ring’s lack of support. I have a complaint, like many others, that the Ring doorbell 2 is not supported in Smartthings. But instead of a solution being built by Ring, you keep referring to Samsung. BTW, same problem goes for IFTTT. :frowning:

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Agreed - please make integration for the doorbell 2 - there’s a huge request for this in the community.

Similar issue. I have 4 spotlight cam mount cameras, but ST only sees 3 of them.

I’ve contacted Smartthings and started by saying it wasn’t compatible (except I have 3 others that integrate just fine) so then they tried troubleshooting to no avail. It says these are all the cameras found in my account so I’m wondering if there is an issue with my Ring account - although everything seems fine in the app and is producing notifications etc.

Hey Guys,

See if this helps: Bought a Ring doorbell 3 plus to replace my gen1. Added to smarthings and no video? Super frustrated I deleted my old doorbell, authorized Ring with Smartthings, then added my two devices ( I have a spotlight cam too). Open smart things and both Doorbell and spotlight cam are there but no video? Again super frustrated but then realized I just turned ON the rings newest motion feature " people only" as soon as I turned OFF this feature on both devices they showed up immediately in the smartthings app and on our Samsung The Frame TV. Sometimes something so simple huh! Anyway hope this solves some of these issues.

What Cameras beside doorbell elite & floodcam work with smartthings?