Smart Things Automatically answering my doorbell

Hello all,

I have a Samsung Fridge with Smartthings.
This has the Ring app. I’ve signed into the Ring app and it works.
However when the ring doorbell is rang the fridge is automatically answering the call.

I can’t find any settings within the ring app just a history of of answered calls.

How can I stop the fridge from automatically answering the ring, I believe this is causing the battery in my ring to run out rather quickly. prior to using the fridge, the battery life was very good. Now we are charging it almost weekly. I believe when we are out and the fridge answers the ring its holding the connection (this can be seen when return home and the blue light is on)

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Hi @Shaunie. The Ring app on the Samsung Fridge is not made or maintained by Ring, it is made and maintained by Samsung. I would recommend getting in touch with their support to see what troubleshooting steps are available.

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Hi all,
I have the same issue with the ring app auto answering the doorbell and keeping the connection open, which is especially an issue when I’m not at home. It also causes the audio from my ihone to be blocked when trying to speak with the person at the door. Did you manage to get an answer from Samsung ? The previous version of the app wasn’t an issue.