Smart Spotlight is not smart without buying smart bridge separately

Hi Ring team and community, I’ve been using Ring alarm 2.0 for almost a year and been very happy with the product. In fact I’ve also recommended to my friends. Today I received a new product called “Smart spotlight” and was very disappointed with the product after paying $62 at HomeDepot Canada. Though the single pack box is labelled as “Smart spotlight”, the stand along devise is not smart until you buy another device “Smart bridge” for $55 incl taxes. What it sounds like is that the current product is just an ordinary motion sensor light and being labeled wrongly which is misleading/mid-guiding customers like me. Battery is not included which make sense. Calling a device with not adequate infra is not proper marketing. I did call supper team and though they understand my concern, could not help much. Surprisingly it’s not compatible with Ring 2.0 base station too and prompting me to upgrade to “Pro”. Soon I’ll run out of plug points if I continue to buy ring products as their devices Dnt talk to each other though it’s qualified as “Smart”

Hi @JohmMohan. Are you referring to the Smart Lighting Spotlight Battery? It should specify on the packaging that the Ring Bridge is required for smart controls, as it also specifies this on the product page. Thanks for sharing your feedback on the packaging, and I apologize for any confusion the in-store display may have caused.

Hi Caitlyn, thanks for your prompt response. when i ordered using Home depot, on pics or video there is nothing mentioned about this. Plus, calling the stand alone device without purchasing supporting devices for more money is misleading. Additionally, its not even compatible with Ring Alarm 2.0. that’s my main concern and i feel, i’m stuck with this device after paying a hefty amount. I also noticed today that its just a simple motion sensor and turns on during full day light. is that correct? and expected behavior of a smart spotlight to turn on during day light? pl help me here by sending the bridge for free so that i can better use this product. thanks for your understanding

Added a video for your technical team to investigate. Without motion, it’s turning on during day time and with bright sun in the background. Very disappointed with the product behaviour

@JohmMohan Since this was purchased from Home Depot, you would need to contact Home Depot for any concerns with their product listing or for any returns or exchanges. It will trigger the light with motion, but for any smart controls you will need the Ring Bridge. Without the Ring Bridge, it will act as a smart light that comes on whenever motion is detected. You can try repositioning the Spotlight in case there is anything in its range that may be triggering the motion detection.

Actually I returned the product and got Mr.Beam. Design is very similar to what Ring has with better features at a price less than half what I paid for Ring “SMART” light. I’m sure Ring can do better and hope my feedback will be seriously considered

Link to the product i purchased and recommend everyone else- Mr. Beams MB360XT-Brn-01-00 Wireless 200 Lm Battery-Operated Outdoor Motion-Sensor-Activated LED Spotlight, Brown

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