Smart lock enable/disable select camera

Hi. Does anyone know of a way to set up a Kwikset 888 smart lock to disable/enable a camera when unlocked/locked?
We have a detached garage/shop with two Kwikset smart locks successfully added to the ring app, and a few indoor cameras. We’d like to be able to enter our access code and disable the indoor cameras, much the same way as having the smart locks arm/disarm the alarm system in the house.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi! Not sure if this will work? But I have 2 cameras that I disable when the house is set to “home”, and they are only enabled when we are away. Under each device - you can set what happens in each “mode”.

Thanks but unfortunately that won’t work for me. The shop is a different building than the house (where the alarm is). I’d like to get it so the keypad disables the camera and not the alarm system.