Smart Lights UK


Is there a timeline of when the ring smart lights will be arriving in the UK? Is there a reason they seem to be so far behind the US in releases?



Hey @JDM94. While we don’t currently have any news to share on a release of our Smart Lighting devices in the UK, you can keep an eye out on our News and Announcements board for any new product updates or releases. :slight_smile:

Yes Please, Very Interested in This…

I’m desperate for these Uk lighting products! I keep going to purchase the Mr beans who are the original manufacturer but want the full beans!

I really want these to. I hope it won’t be much longer till they bring them to the UK. It will be handy for linking them to the cams to improve security more.

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The Ring app on my IOS devices now have a tab to add lights - are the Smart Lights now available in the UK?

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It is crazy why we have to wait so long?! Is there any set timelines for UK availibilty?

I too would like to buy some ring lights. It makes little sense to enable this feature on UK apps and not sell the product. When will the product be available?

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