Smart Lights Button in Home Page. Why do I have it?

On the home page of a shared user device there is a Lights button. A Smart Bridge is not installed in our configuration. There is a spinning icon that says Loading. It has been spinning for over 24 hours. That button does not appear on my home page. I am the owner of the configuration. Any suggestions?

Hey @Jrieff. Could you have the shared user take a screenshot of this and reply to this thread with what that looks like?

We have exactly the same question with Android app version 3.27.0


I will capture a screen shot and post later today.

Here is the screen shot. Hopefully, it shows what you want to see. As mentioned before, we do not have the Breidge installed so we should not be seeing anything related to lights.

Hey neighbors! After checking with the appropriate teams, it looks like this is visual bug in the Ring app for Android shared users that we have seen and reported on. Neighbors that are shared users on Android may see a Lights tile on the dashboard even though they have no smart lighting at the location. The tile looks like it is loading and they are unable to interact with it. There is currently no way to remove this from the Dashboard, so please ask your shared user to disregard this at this time. Rest assured that our team is investigating and working to resolve it as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Re: Smart Lights Button in Home Page. Why do I have it?