Smart Lighting Transformer Installation

I have outdoor landscape lights (about 10-12) that run on an out door timer. Would the Smart Lighting Transformer simply take the place of the outdoor timer that all the lights are currently connected to? Said another way, would I completely removed the outdoor timer and in its place put the Smart Lighting Transformer? Thank you.

Hey @Chekmate. The Smart Lighting Transformer should indeed be able to just take over the current outdoor timer that you have set up, assuming your existing landscape lights are using wiring for 12V or 15V landscape lights (up to 200 watts total on the Transformer). Plus note that with the Transformer you can set up an Auto-Shutoff Timer that can have the light stay on for 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes or 5 minutes, but no other intervals at this time. In addition, you can set light schedules for times you may need the lights on longer than 5 minutes.