Smart Lighting Outdoor Dual Outlet Smart Plug Schedule

I have a Ring Smart Lighting Outdoor Dual Outlet Smart Plug connected to a lamp on my porch. The plug works great when left on it’s time schedule. Scheduled to turn on at 6pm, off at 11pm. The problem is, if I turn on the light ahead of schedule say 3pm the lamp will not turn off at 11pm. Is there any way to get the schedule working if I turn on the lamp out of schedule. Hopefully there is an answer because if I can get this to work as expected I want to buy a few more of the modules. Called Ring support twice on this. First told to reset the base, did not fix. Second call they sent out a replacement module, same issue. I’m well invested in Ring, cameras, motion detectors, door and window sensors, water sensors, Smoke/co detectors, and spotlights.

Hi @RealNeil. I checked with my team about this, and they let me know that they’re going to look into the intended behavior of the Light Schedule when you also manually turn the light on. They will look into how the Light Schedule should behave when the light is manually turned on prior to the schedule. I don’t have any further information I can share at this time, but I’ll share an update once I can regarding what my team finds. :slight_smile:

Hi @RealNeil. After checking in with my team about this, they let me know that manually turning the light on will take priority over the Light Schedule, which is why the light doesn’t turn off at your originally scheduled time. You would need to manually turn the light off before the time it’s scheduled to turn on for the schedule to work. I can understand how this may not be ideal with how you were hoping to set your lights up, but this feedback has been passed onto the team. :slight_smile: