Smart Lighting Not Charging (not seeing connected power source)

My solar floodlight stopped charging the batteries. It is connected to a new solar panel.
I got the new upgraded one because I thought my other one failed.

Turns out it’s the light that is failing.
I have even tried connecting to regular power and still it will not charge.

Says there is no external power source connected.

I even went as far as removing the device from my system and re-adding it. To no avail.

Cannot talk to a human.
And the one time I did they were no help at all.
Just ran me round and round with “troubleshooting” that did nothing.

Ring makes it impossible to get any kind of technical support… seems that is on purpose to just force you to buy new equipment. They do not stand by their products at all.

Somehow it is always the users fault and not the equipment.

So now every week I have to take both batteries out and manually charge them and put them back in. What a hassle.

Ring is very disappointing.

Hi @WalterPalmgren. In the Community, we can only offer basic troubleshooting steps to try for certain concerns. If it needs to be looked into further or the basic steps do not work, you need to work with our support team for further assistance. If you cannot get a hold of them again with one of the numbers available here, you can reach out to our support team on Facebook by sending a PM to @Ring.