Smart lighting motion sensor range problem

I have set, in the app, the sensitivity for my motion sensor to high. I turned the light sensor threshold to 10. I waited until 9pm at night. My sensor is mounted to my lamppost which is about 15 feet from the bridge. It is mounted at a height of about 5 feet. Batteries are all new and register 100% in the app. And yet, I can walk straight up the motion sensor and it won’t register motion until I’m 5-6 feet away from it. What am I doing wrong? So frustrated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @NervusEnergy. Are you walking directly towards the Motion Sensor or more across it? Also, what is the average temperature like currently? As warmer temperatures can affect the PIR motion detection and make it a bit harder for the Motion Sensor to detect any oncoming motion.

I’m walking straight at it during my tests. It was close to 80F as well. These are test parameters that closely represent how it will need to operate in the real world. Please let me know if this motion detector is not right for this application.

@NervusEnergy Thanks for that information! Since PIR motion detection is based on heat signatures, warmer weather can make it harder for motion to be detected occasionally due to the heat, so that is something to keep in mind. Do you have any steps along your walkway that this Motion Sensor is mounted on? It is hard to guarantee an exact range of motion detection when there are so many different variables to account for as everyone’s home and set up will be different.

Unfortunately, there are no steps. The motion detector is mounted on a lamppost next to my driveway which is all flat. Tonight I am going to test slight rotations of the motion detector around the lamppost so that people do not walk straight at the front of it. I get the impression that someone walking straight at it will display less movement than someone walking across it (left to right for example). Thank you for your continued replies, is good to see Ring cares. I will post again with any updates.

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If your motion detector light bulb’s sensitivity setting is too high, then even the smallest movement will turn the light on!

Ummm, I’m not sure you read this thread correctly. My problem is that the motion sensor is NOT triggering until I’m right in front of it (5-6 feet). I need it to trigger at 20 feet or farther. I’m still testing it at different angles, haven’t really had enough time yet.

@NervusEnergy Thanks for clarifying the approximate distance you’re looking for the Motion Sensor to trigger at. I want to point out that a distance of 20 feet or farther is not what the Motion Sensor is designed for, and it’s designed for detecting motion at a much closer distance. I hope this information helps as well.