Smart Lighting Installation - Initial Experience

Here is my initital installation expierence with the Floodlight -Wired.

Of the five wired Floodlights, four were sucessfully installed and configured. One unit, however would not configuration via the Ring app (android). The issue with this problem unit was that the App could not locate the floodlight, despite the floodlight being powered and periodically turning its lamps on and off. After working with Ring 2nd level support it was determined that the unit should be returned.

A couple of observations: [a] The Smart Lights appear to be configured via Bluetooth, not WiFi (in contrast to the Floodlight Camera product). The smart floodlight uses a non-WiFi wireless technology to communcate with the Smart Lighting Bridge (speculation is it might be the 433 MHz RF technology it acquired from the Mr. Beam acquisition, although the FCC filings [Floodlight Wired, Model 5W21S8] indicate that LoRa modulation in 902.5 MHz to 927 MHz is in use => “900 MHz ISM band”)). [b] Ring Community Support agents are still learning about the new product line. As an example I was repeatedly told by the support agents to press the reset/setup button the wired floodlight, while in fact there is no such button. This is, of course, a natural learning curve.


Great initial feedback, @BigFan ! However, I do apologize you were unable to connect one of the Floodlights. Did you end up returning this device and getting another?

Also, appreciate the feedback regarding our support. I’ll certainly touch base with the team to discuss training materials and product knowledge. I appreciate your patience while we work on any kinks. At this time, are there any other questions or concerns you may have?

Yes, I inititated an Amazon return, although it will be another week before I see the replacement.

Thank you for the update. Sorry we weren’t able to assist with that for you! Will you please keep me posted on when you receive the replacement? Everything else that was set up working well? Again, thank you for your patience!

I will add another observation from my own experience. I suggest first time installers watch the installation video and not just rely on the paper manual. In particular the manual does not make it clear that you must tuck the wires and wire nuts back through the hole in the plastic mount or the floodlight will not fit back on. ie there is not enough space in the cavity between the plastic mounting plate and the main body of the floodlight to accomodate the wire nuts. This would normally be fine but the hole that is provided in the mounting plate is pretty small so if you have a crowded junction box, getting the wires and wire nuts tucked back in can be a tight squeeze.

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