Smart lighting floodlight recommended battery (and life expectancy)

Hi, new here and new Ring smart light customer. I just installed the battery flood lights on my patio and am doing some final tweaks with setup. Initially, I used Duracel ProCell D batteries and was just curious what others maybe using? And what kind of battery life expectancy is reasonable? I know that has to do with a lot of variables (frequency of motion/action, temps, etc.) but for general purposes.

On that last point, I’d also be curious if anyone could share any of their ideal settings. As in my case, I am using the lights cranked up to full brightness and length of time per motion detected at 5 mins (max). Perhaps this is a bit overkill but I wanted to test this out fully to see what I could get from the lights.

FYI, there is not too much activity around the patio area where I installed the lights. We installed them to get some extra light when we let the dog out and also to light up side of house where I keep the garbage can and park my truck. Overnight I had only one motion occurrence (when wife took dog out before she went to bed).

Any help appreciated! And sorry if this has been discussed before, I didn’t find any good answer on my searches.


I just got the 4D cell spotlight 2 weeks ago and use energizer max batteries, really doesn’t matter what brand. First week I did a lot of testing with the motion sensor and being linked. Only get a few motion detections a week and batteries still at 100% at max settings. Ring says batteries could last a year. All depends on usage.

A tip to help make your floodlights last longer. Purchase some dielectric grease and give a liberal coat on your contacts and battery ends also apply to lid gasket. This will help prevent corrosion of your contacts and batteries from moisture since they are outdoors and won’t be checked that often.

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