Smart lighting floodlight battery and ring app

I have two of thesmart lighting floodlight battery which I installed in November, 2019. The batteries (Duracell purchased from Costco) have lasted about 5 months, which is less than expected. However, that is not why I’m writing. First is that I received no low battery warning from the app. Is there a setting that I need to activate or is this not a feature? Second, after replacing the batteries, battery strength did not immediately update. Rebooted my phone, still no change. Hours later, I looked again and it finally showed the new batteries. How long does it take for the app to display the neww battery strength? Thanks.

Hey @andyg53. You should be automatically getting an alert for any of your Ring Smart Lighting battery devices when they have a low battery. It’s possible the low battery notification did not deliver, but my hopes are that this was a one time thing! If you can, let me know what kind of phone you have and app version you are running. In addition, to help with the batteries draining as fast as they did, you can check out our Ring Help Center Article here.

For the battery status updating in the app with the correct percentage, it normally takes an event or two for the app to report the new update, so what happened with that is behavior as normal. Normally, if you do not have the status update in 24 hours, then I would reach out to support for further assistance with your device! :slight_smile:

Samsung Galaxy S10, app is version 3.25.0. The article in the link is for solar, I’m using 4 D cells. That’s why I mentioned the Duracell-Costco part. The 2 floods are set to about 60% intensity and are part of a group with 4 pathlights

@andyg53 Sorry for that! I linked the wrong article, that’s my bad. Here is the article I meant to reference. I made sure to update the other post with the proper link as well. :slight_smile: