Smart lighting bridge in uk

Can anyone tell me when the smart lighting bridge will be coming to the Uk as I have a wired stick up cam that I need to work through glass if possible I was hoping I could put the smart motion sensor on the outside of my apartment block and tell it to start the stick up cam recording when it detects motion.

Thanks in advance Marc

We don’t have an ETA on Smart Lighting to be available in the UK, Marc, but we will certainly keep you updated :slight_smile:

Is there update on this now is been another 6 months? Really would like to get the bridge and some outdoor lights to work with my existing flood light cams here in the UK. Official response?

I’m interested in this. I’d like some smart lighting for my back garden and ideally, I’d like it to fit in with all the other ring stuff. Has anyone tried to get the bridge working on the UK. I know ring won’t officially support it but we all know that doesn’t mean it won’t work.