Smart Lighting and Motion sesor

My porch is facing north with an overhanging roof. The background (across the street) is rather bright.

When someone is actually on the porch, their face is really dark and unrecognizable. If someone did steal something from the porch, The video would be worthless.

I’ve been attempting to use IFTTT to turn on the light, with some success. I can turn it on when someone steps on the porch, but I’ve yet to turn it back off after they leave. (or after some time interval like a minute) .

I am looking at your Bridge and A19 bulb as a possible solution, and I assume that’s what it is for.

But, I can’t find anyplace on your website that confirms that would work.

SO. . .

I want the light to come on when a person is identified by my Ring Video Doorbell 3. And turned off as they leave, or after a minute, or something.

If I buy the bridge and the A19 will I be able to get that to work?

BTW, the light bulb currently installed is a hue. Will the app that administers the bridge let me talk to a hue?

Hey @jeppie. With our Linked Devices feature in the Ring App, you can set it up so that your Ring Smart Lights come on whenever your Doorbell records on motion or a ding. So in this case, adding the Ring Bridge and A19 bulb would help you accomplish what you’re looking for. You can learn more about the Linked Devices feature in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile: