Smart light Schedule motion

Is there any way to schedule motion to only activated during night? Motions are enabled all the time and it drains the battery.

Good question @AliRzn! If you have Smart Lighting devices and a Bridge, there are a couple scheduling options. Visiting your Smart Lighting device page, or group, in the Ring app will present settings such as light and motion scheduling.

Motion scheduling and motion snooze will allow you to schedule or choose a time frame for your motion to not notify you. Keep in mind, these settings do not prevent the motion from triggering the lights. The light schedule, however, will allow you to choose times when you would like your lights to turn on. Additionally, if you visit each Smart Lighting device in the Ring app individually, there will be motion settings that will allow you to adjust the sensitivity of motion detection. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. But i am not talking about the alert. I just don’t want lights to detect motion at all during the day. Alert is off but they still detect motion behind the scene. Traffic is heavy in that area during the day and it is depleting the battery quickly.

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Understood, @AliRzn. Thank you for the clarification! :slight_smile:

This will be best accomplished through the motion detection toggle in the Ring app. Light scheduling should help with the lights being triggered, but as you said, the motion will still detect. The “motion detection” toggle will be the best way to ensure motion does not pick up. This is located on the main page for the individual Smart Light device in the Ring app. Of course, you will need to remember to enable this when desired.

I second this feature —- only want to waste batteries detecting motion at night. Don’t want to have to manually toggle this on and off daily.

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