Smart LED Bulb

Does anyone know if I can still use the swtich to turn the light on and off in addition to connecting to the bridge? I want to use the bulb for a porch light but do not want to always have to rely on my phone to turn the light on and off.


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Hey @sknip321. When the bulb is installed and set up in the app, the switch that it is connected to must always be on in order for the bulb to receive power, report to the app, and be usable through the Ring app. Whenever the switch is flipped off and power is cut, the bulb will fall offline in the app until power is restored. If the bulb is offline for quite some time, it may need to be manually reconnected to come back online and be used in the app. If you are in need, you can of course manually switch off the light in the pinch. You will also want to turn the bulb off in the app so that it reports correctly in the app as well so that it can easily come back online when the switch is flipped back on.

In all, it’s recommended to keep that switch on as often as you can and rely on the app, and now you know what to expect if you manually turn it off from the flip of that switch :slight_smile:

This is a common issue with smart blubs that they have to have constant power to be controled. Ring should create a product like Lutron Aurura Smart switch that can lock the switch on but give on, off, or dimm control to the lights. I think a smart switch would work too but then that would defeat the purpose of installing smart blubs (other than the dimming ability).

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