Smart Floodlight Brightness when Scheduled

Is there a way to adjust the brightness for the Solar Floodlights when they are on a schedule? I have the floodlights set to max brightness, but the setting does not flow when the lights turn on for their scheduled time. It will only be at max brightness if I manually turn them on or if motion triggers them.

Great question, @akaScottydo! When setting a light schedule, the brightness is fixed at a standard dusk-to-dawn brightness setting. This cannot be changed at this time. The reason for this fixed brightness during schedules is to preserve battery life.

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I recently bought 3 solar step lights to illuminate some of the areas in my backyard, mounted on my fences. I was thrilled initially at how beautiful they are and at full brightness they did the job perfectly for what i was looking for.

However, I’ve now discovered that when these are set on a schedule they don’t operate at the brightness level that I control and get overridden by some factory controlled lower brightness level. This was a huge let down as this is not called out in the product specification but i found this after the fact in some FAQ’s.

I understand that this may be to control the life of the battery, but given that these are solar lights I would have presumed I can schedule these to turn on at night time lets say between 9pm to 12am and get recharged during the day.

I’m hoping that you’ll can request your product team to consider this use case and allow more control on the brightness level of the steplight when under a schedule.

I’d be happy to provide more information upon request. I’ve been a very happy Ring customer so far, but this has honestly been a bit of a let down. I eagerly look forward to hearing back from you’ll around a possible solution for this problem.


@Marley Any timeline on a fix for this? These are pretty useless for me given the current brightness restrictions and if you’ll don’t intend to fix this issue in the near future I might as well just return them back. Appreciate your assistance in this regard.


@MaverickNav, I just bought 16 solar steplights for my backyard fence for the very same reason. I bought through amazon so I’m going to wait a few weeks to see if Ring with resolve the issue before I return them. Along with the inability to control brightness of scheduled events, I also cannot keep the lights on longer than 15mins when I want to turn them on manually or through Alexa.

I’ve done some research on this and looks like this has been brought up numerous times by customers since their release earlier this year.

Ring is so focused on the security camera/lighting aspects of their devices that I think maybe they are missing out on customers who wish to use them for accent lighting. Let’s hope they will fix these basic limitations soon.

I’m also very frustrated with this. I have an older version of the floodlights and they work exactly as expected. Full brightness during schedule. I can’t modify the brightness on these but at least it is bright.

Now we bought a second light for another part of our yard and I’m extremely disappointed at this change in function. The floodlight can absolutely handle overnight on at full brightness with one battery and a solar panel, at least in south Florida.