Smart Bulb Motion Detection Not Working

I have a smart bulb that stopped coming on when my spotlight camera detects motion. The bulb still comes on through the app or if I turn the light switch off and back on, so I’m confident there’s nothing wrong with the electrical outlet or the bulb itself. This happened a few weeks ago and I unlinked the camera with the bulb and relinked them and it started working again. It happened again last night but unlinking/relinking didn’t work this time. I also linked a couple of other cameras with the bulb but it still didn’t come on when the cameras detected motion.

is there a bridge in the middle of this setup?

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Yes there is. This light is on my patio and just came on when my camera detected motion.

I have another smart bulb and solar pathlights that are programmed to come on overnight when my doorbell camera detects motion. It doesn’t always detect motion overnight but these lights came on at 5:18 this morning.

if the bulb in question keeps having this issue, I would remove it from your devices, then add it back. A similar thing happened to me, support told me to remove the bridge altogether. I just removed then added back my floodlight.