Smart alert missing person motion

I noticed that the person motion alert/notification doesn’t get triggered when the person wasn’t showing in the initial video recording. It does get captured/recorded as motion not not as a person motion. For example, when someone drives up to my driveway and get off the car to my door, it gets recorded by just a motion. I’m guessing because there is no person detected initially because it’s a car driving up. By the time the person is walking out of the car, the smart alert is no longer processing the video to detect person. I have missed a few notification about delivery person coming to my door because of this. I think Ring should fix it by analyzing the video throughout the record and trigger the person motion notification when it detects the person later in the recording.

Smart alerts are a good idea but you do not get a notification alert if something triggers the video that’s not a person. If the camera sees a person during the video it needs to trigger. This happens when a car pulls up and the person gets out and there is no notification. So I miss all alerts from visiting guest whom park in my driveway. it only works if someone walks up to your house off the street. I don’t want to turn off smart alerts so the possums and cats do not set up my ring in the middle of the night. Please address this! It’s a great feature just needs some tweaking!