Slow Upload Speed Mode

Slow upload speed mode. Just moved to Texas. My only available Internet Provider has amazing download speeds of 450+, but the upload speeds are only <= 25. I receive almost instantaneous notifications, but I can’t see who was at the door for some 15-20 minutes later, when the video finishes processing. Once it took 35 minutes. The very small screen capture on the iPhone notification really isn’t large enough to make out much about who it is. At these slow speeds, clicking on the notification is not of any use, as the video is processing. I cannot even talk to the person at the door.
My idea, would be to create a mode for people who have this issue, that would degrade video to something that would make it load faster. Ideally, the initial download would include just a few frames, at a lower resolution, then followup with the whole file. Not everyone needs this feature, but everyone with slow upload speeds does. I have Spectrum Texas, and they have no solutions.

How are your uploads in general if you do a speed test. While I agree 25 isnt amazing its still plenty for Ring to work well. Or are you supposed to get 25 and only getting like 1 or 2. Also what’s the connection/Wi-Fi signal like at your Ring (in the app under RSSI)?