Sleep Mode!

I think it would be great to add a Sleep Mode to the 3 options already available (Home, Disarmed and Away). This would allow me to setup a Mode so all downstairs cameras are on, but wouldn’t trigger any of the upstairs camera. It would also allow me to setup Routines with my Alexa. For instance, I can tell her that I am awake, which will trigger her to turn on certain lights in the house and put the Ring Cameras in Home mode (disabling Sleep mode).


I agree, and would like to see a Sleep Mode or Home Lite mode.

I understand your concern with privacy when using cameras indoors. If the cameras upstairs are the plug in type, you could use smart plugs and integrate them with Alexa. You could easily turn these devices on or off, either by schedule or voice routines.

I hear ya, but that still doesn’t solve my issue. Daily household schedules change every day, so setting up each camera with a schedule isn’t ideal and using a smart plug for voice command to turn off/on is still a manual one by one process

I’m glad someone else mentioned this, it’s an absolute must! I don’t want some of my window sensors to go off during the day when I open them or my garage motion detector, but when I’m asleep it’s a different story & I don’t want to have to set the Away mode. I think it’s odd that this feature isn’t already a given. At the very least there should be an additional customizable Mode.