Siren activated automatically when motion detected

This would be an extremely useful feature to defer the burglars. With smart alerts I would set if a “person detected” between say 12am-6am record and turn on the siren. That would help drastically vs finding out in the morning that there was a person in your driveway. Most people keep phones on silent at night. Please consider implementing. Thanks

Please add this feature with Birds Eye zones or Motion Zones and Person Detected as trigger filters. ASAP. Thanks.

I have a number of Ring products including alarm, door bells, cameras, motion detectors n contact sensors. It occurred to me that it would be extremely useful if internal cameras could double up as motion sensors. The alarm is triggered by motion being detected by a motion sensor or contact sensor on doors/windows. It seems a lost opportunity for internal cameras not to have motion detection built in.

Which is the main purpose of a security camera? To be a deterrent to thieves.

And how to reach this goal? Telling them that we know that they’re making something bad, so they cannot continue on doing it and they’ve to go away.

Ok, when the Spotlight Camera detects a movement switch on its lights, but it’s not enaught: we have a siren, why don’t use it? If the thief try to open my garage (or enter my garden, etc…) during the night, while I’m sleeping, I cannot push the button and make the siren sound: it should be automatically done by the camera itself, it is the purpose of an alarm system!

Otherwise I can to don’t buy any camera and pass the night on my window looking for thieves and clash pot lids togheter, it would be the same effort!

Really, please, make siren automatically sounds…otherwise they’re quite unusefull. (and I have five of them, 1 for my garage and 4 for my parents’ garden!)
Furthermore, I’ve Ring Alarm, through “linked devices” I can make the spotlight camera sounds when Alarm sensors detect something, BUT I cannot make the Alarm siren rings when the Spotlight detects something…this is crazy.


I don’t know if everyone else whould think that this could be usefull for them, but I think that the cameras should be able to triger the alarm system.
I have a exterior patio that I would like to have covered by the alarm system, so I someone jumps the wall it would triger the alarm system. righ now there’s anything that I could use from ring to do this, because if I use a motion detector, it could get activated by something with the wind.
The cameras can have person detection and triger the alarm when detecting someone.
Also because, if someone gets on that patio, the entrance to my house it’s a glass door, so even if I put a door sensor, if someone wants to enter they would brake the glass and the sensor whouldn’t jump so the alarm would not be trigered.

I had other brands cameras, but I bought the ring alarm system and an interior camera to try them out, most of all because of the pad where you can activate or desactivate the system without an smartphone, what I think that’s very interesting for old people like my grampas.

Right now the ring cameras just can notify me by the app. and this is also what the cameras from other brands that I have now do. If the ring cameras whould be able to triger the alarm then it would be reasonable to spend 3 times the amount that the other cameras cost for have a complet alarm system. but right now I think that’s not worth it.

Hi! The ring alarm system has an “at home” mode . This mode makes no sense to me if the outside installed Floodlights can´t trigger their own build in alarm (at least) if motion is detected. This mode exists at any alarm system to give you time to act and also scare away intruders while you are at your house.
Kindly add this feature in order that we can have a logic alarm system.
I 'm amazed this is still not possible. I could just setup the floodlight alarms to get triggered, only when some ring alarm detector is activated, but those are inside the house.
this could be improved.

Would love this on a schedule for sure.

Having the cams ( outdoor spotlight cams, for me) Chirp twice when a Person is detected would be beneficial. How about adding two options? Enable double chirp on person detection. Enable instant alarm.