Siren activated automatically when motion detected

If it can’t be added to cams, what about a stand alone siren that is activated from motion stand alone and from connected devices. Watching the video hours later after the thief has broken car window and made off with the loot does not help since most are wearing hoodies and face coverings. We need a loud siren to scare them away before they have time to steal. C’mon get with the engineering dept. and get it on the market.


There definitely needs to be an ability to set a routine to have the alarm auto triggered in various scenarios. Often people aren’t accessing their accounts and want the alarm to trigger if they are not home.

This is really needed option! If burglar intrudes to your home / company / store and you have cameras there but not any other alarm system.

THIS! Burglar can come at 3 AM, break into car smashing windows and all we get is a phone notification once we wake up. Allow me to set the camera’s siren to activate!