Single button arm on Ring Alarm Keypad

With my DSC Panel, I was able to easily “arm” the system in Home Mode by simply pressing the Stay Button. Disarming it in the morning was simply performed by entering in my code.

If I wanted to arm the DSC in “away” mode, I would simply enter in my code - and it would initiate the countdown sequence.

With the Ring keypad, I have to enter in the code, and then select one of the mode buttons - to either arm or disarm it.

I would like the ability to arm the system in Home or Away by simply pressing the mode button on the keypad, and only require the code to disarm the system.


Agreed - I get having to enter the code to disarm the system but why not allow the alarm to be armed with a single button press. The Alexa functionality allows you to arm the system with just your voice and no code. I find myself pulling out my phone to arm the system even when I’m not far from the keypad due to the requirement to enter a code.

Agree with at least giving the option to arm in this manner. We undertand that entering the code to arm helps ensure the person disarming will know the code, but who is to say who is going to be disarming anyway?

Please please please let us have a function for one button arming for Home and Away. Why do we need to enter pw to arm???

I am a new user so apologies if this is covered elsewhere. I note that I can set the alarm to Home or away with a single press on my phone but I have to input my 4 digit code and the set button on the keyboard. Would it not be a nice feature to have on the system keyboard? My previous system allowed this as an option. I fully understand this not being there on unsetting the system but seems a valid option for setting the alarm

Why not allow the system to be armed via the keypad with a single press of either home or away. It’s available on the app, why not on the keypad. I prefer to keep the code plus ‘X’ on return to disarm the system.