Simultaneous Local & Cloud Recording

My biggest concern with Ring cameras is that footage is not recorded if my internet is down. While the chances of a break-in occurring right at the same moment that my internet happens to be experiencing an outage is slim, a scenario where a burglar cuts my cable line is very plausible.

I was initially thrilled to see the Ring Alarm Pro’s local recording feature, but then was disappointed to find that it’s an either/or thing… you can record locally to a memory card, or the cloud (I personally trust AWS servers a lot more than I do a little memory card, so I wouldn’t want to give up cloud storage).

Please add the ability to record to BOTH a memory card in the Alarm Pro and the cloud.

Just to follow up, I realize that the Ring Alarm Pro’s 24/7 internet backup could, for some people, take care of this scenario where an intruder cuts the internet cable, but for me unfortunately it’s not sufficient, since I live in a neighborhood with a poor cell signal. Simultaneous recording to a memory card and the cloud (including allowing the card to serve as a “buffer” for when the main internet connection is down and the cellular backup can’t keep up, letting it just gradually upload that footage from the card as the connection allows) would take care of this.

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