Simple auto live view on any tablet

OK so would just like to see a simple implementation of option in any device like tablet, phone of having a option in app to select auto live view when doorbell is pressed.

Not super hard to do with talker and auto notifications, but if using them can do it surely putting a small option in app can too.

@rchiileea Don’t know what devs agree to when submitting apps but I suspect this likely breaches agreement as it is effectively starting up an app without user input.

Would only be a breach if it was an option on auto install, like not mentioning another brand have done, there is a option in app yo enable this feature that then pops up a permission warning (which is acceptable at least on amdroid based stuff). It’s not a hard option to do via tasker and auto notify, but on some of the smart home installs I have done they go for other brand due to this very feature having to rely on 2 other pieces of software to work

I have a feeling this isn’t allowed on iOS or can only be used in very specific situations but I am not 100% sure.