Silly question- how do I communicate with person


I just installed the ring door bell. I have version 2. Everything is set up and connected nicely! I didn’t hard wire it. I’m using it via battery

Silly question but once someone rings the bell will it automatically ring through my app and I can talk there?
I have no clue
I can’t test it because I’m alone.

Thanks in advance!

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No question is silly! That’s what this community is about - neighbors helping neighbors! Yes, your doorbell should have two-way talk. When someone approaches your door and is detected, you should get an alert on your phone app. You should see a green phone icon and if you click on it, that will allow you to see live what is happening and also talk to the person. You can try it yourself by just walking up to the door, phone in hand, and try it out! The video you create will be stored in History for free during the 30 day trial period. After that, if you want any events stored, you have to pay either the Basic Plan or the Protect Plus Plan. But there is no sense going with Protect Plus until one year anniversary of the doorbell. That is because Protect Plus gives you extended warranty protection in addition to video storage, BUT you already have warranty coverage for free during the first year. Hope that makes sense. Also, note the videos will be stored by Ring for only 60 days so if there is something you want to archive, you have to download it. Hope that all makes sense and post back with your experience and any other questions.

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