Silent Alexa for the love of god 👍

any news on silent Alexa in routines yet? otherwise it’s back to blink and foscam hardwired hd for local recording. I’ve no desire to stay with a ‘security’ system that announces (read shouts) to burglars now connected to an ipad pro or MacBook etc . the only thing not announced is the spec , which is kind of a shame from the burglar
s point of view.

If there are burglars in your house to even hear Alexa, you have bigger worries by then. But seriously, can’t you turn down the volume on Alexa?
I don’t use Alexa routines, so I guess I don’t get the pleasure of her announcements other than when the doorbell rings or sees someone.

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burglars could hear Alexa at the end of the street I imagine and I’m only talking about in routines . you can silence her all you like , there’s always something announced at some point through the night ‘alexa is now connected to…’ etc. in routines amazon is in charge of when she talks and how loudly it seems!