Silencing Ring devices from speaking whenever users make crucial changes in settings!

The biggest flaw and privacy concern I have with Ring, is not giving users the option to silence Ring products from speaking when users are changing crucial settings or setting up a device.

Many times during the night, I’ve ended up having to change the network that my Ring devices were using for many different reasons (unexpected outages, performance issues, and etc) or factory resetting a device, and I don’t feel it’s necessary or safe for people in my neighborhood to hear what changes I’m making to my security devices at ANYTIME during the day or night!

Some users have Ring devices in discreet locations on their property to secretly catch intruders and criminals in the act without them knowing! You have smart criminals who scope out a location days or weeks prior before executing their plan and it doesn’t help that users CAN’T silence their Ring devices whenever setting them up or making changes that would trigger a verbal indicator from said Ring device.

I think giving users the option to silence and lower verbal indicators from Ring devices at the very beginning of a setup/install and throughout the volume controls of Ring devices, will give peace of mind to users who have property in high crime areas and to those who have property around people who own outside dogs which the verbal indicators may trigger barking!