'Silence' Ring doorbell ringer

As far as I can tell, you can only ‘silence’ the doorbell Version 4 manually, e.g. overnight, using Modes which have to be activated & deactivated manually via the app???

You need to be able to deactivate the doorbell automatically between set hours, similar to Do Not Disturb on a phone. Can’t believe this is not possible!

Hi @user12385. Can you please clarify what you mean when you want your Video Doorbell 4 to be silenced? Are you referring to the ringer on the Doorbell itself, or are you referring to notifications from motion detection?

I mean the doorbell itself - who wants to be woken at (e.g.) 4a.m. by a passing drunk who thinks it is funny to ring your doorbell!

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I’m surprised that the ring has no nighttime silent mode. I use do not disturb on my iPhone - but would like to let ring continue to notify me - but only motion detection in one of the units.
I need to schedule each device.

I agree. Personally, I would like to disable or silence the chimes in my house when in away mode. Binding it to time or mode is irrelevant — these are smart devices and have the capability to do so. It’s a feature request that is a major UX improvement.

hello, could this be introduced at a later date in app update?

Please add a feature to Ring Door Bell that will allow us to schedule windows of time that would disable the RINGing feature of the door bell. ■■■■■ Amazon delivery people dropping off packages at 5AM and ringing the doorbell to wake the entire family has to stop.