Show Ring Alarm sensor Z-Wave signal strength and Range Extender status in Ring app

I’m not the first to have this idea, I noticed it was mentioned a while ago in the regular Ring Alarm forum area by @DaveG and perhaps others…

Sensor signal strength and the Ring App - Ring Community

…but it doesn’t seem to be here in the relatively new Feature Request board so I thought I’d add it because I agree it’s a good idea and a very useful function missing in the Ring app:

Feature request:

please add Z-Wave signal strength indication in the Ring App for each of a Ring Alarm system’s sensors. This would greatly help in finding the best location to place the Range Extender and/or Base Station.

As it stands right now, you just have to guess where to place the range extender and hope for the best. Meanwhile, apparently service technicians can remotely determine the Z-Wave signal strength of each device or otherwise determine some sensors are out of range and unnecessarily & constantly pinging the base station and wasting battery power.

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I agree. This would be super helpful and reduce calls to your support line.

So we still don’t have this? For larger area homes with many walls we need this, at least a refresh button for the red sensor low signal icon.

After setting up my Ring Alarm, I am absolutely baffled to find that there is no indication of Zwave signal strenght in Db between devices in the app. I have noticed that ocasionally there will be a red circle icon stating that there is a weak connection to base station, however that is not very helpful at all. Even with multiple range extenders plugged in, I am still randomly getting weak signal warnings. There should be some info in the ring app as to what device is connected to what eg (connected to range extender or base station). The ability to choose if a device connects to range extender or base station would also be helpful. I have found that ring support have access to this info, so don’t see why this can’t be added to the app. I am sure many users including myself have the experience to setup our devices optimally with this info available, without having to contact support everytime.

Google took me hear unfortunately, it’s been years and the function is not available. I live at 4 level townhome and I don’t know if I need to buy more Ranger booster / relocate the booster I have or I’m good enough.

I know customer support can tell me if a specific contact sensor (or motion sensor) in my Ring Alarm system is connected directly to the base station or to one of my range extenders, but it would be nice if I could see these details myself in the Ring app, maybe under the Advanced settings for a sensor? Please consider adding this to the app, thanks!

I second this request. I am occasionally seeing issues where my Ring devices are reporting poor connectivity but I can tell if it’s to the ranger extender or an attempt to connect to distant base station. When talking with tech support, they can see the ranger extender connections, so it should be easy to make available to customers. It might even save some tech support calls, helping everyone.

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This is ridiculous You have to phone tech support to see if your range extender is working or not. And this is a tech company. Or at least they think that they are.

I have bought a ring range extender and cannot find it in the ring app. Its doesn’t appear in any sections in the ring app when “adding a device”? Please advise or stop selling a product that cannot be used.

I’ve had the police at my house multiple times because one of my motion detectors will not talk to the range extender. I have emailed Ring twice without any response. So I have disabled that sensor’s ability to set off the alarm permanently.

I figure I have done my due diligence. Ring has some issues with their extenders.

It’s somewhat frustrating setting up using range extenders. It’s difficult (impossible I think) to determine what the z-wave topology looks like. During setup, it seems it’s trying to connect to the base station rather than to the much closer range extender, given the number of retries it attempts. I have looked through the UI and done searches online but can’t seem to find any way to see which sensor is connected to which extender or base station.

It would be EXTREMELY useful if on the Device Page for the Alarm Range Extender, if there was a “Connected Devices” link which showed which devices are currently connected to that specific range extender. Much in the same way that Eero mesh networks show what devices are connected to any specific mesh node. (Would also need the same link on the Base Station to show which devices are directly connected there).

Additionally, if the Event History for the device would show which device was connected/disconnected to range extender/base station, would be helpful when troubleshooting issues, especially during setup.

(Reposting this here as feature request, which is what I thought I did to start with)

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