Should the Floodlight cam bulbs turn off COMPLETELY?

Hi there, I have two floodlight cams which behave differently.

If I look at the first one in complete darkness, all I see is the IR.

However, if I look at the newer one in complete darkness the IR is the same BUT the floodlight bulbs are very dimly lit.

When I say “dimly lit”, I mean just that. It’s not acting as a floodlight, but the two lights are very gently lit at all times even when they’re “off”.

Both turn on successfully and work as expected.

However, why is one Floodlight cam COMPLETELY OFF and the other dimly lit when the floodlights are off?

What is the correct way for them to behave? Is one faulty?

When I say I look at them in darkness, I mean I’m at such a distance that motion isn’t being detected and I’m also outside motion zones for lights.

In other words, I am not triggering them to do anything.

Hope that makes sense!

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I have exactly the same issue and it’s really annoying !