Shorter recording length options

How about offering 45 second recording instead of going straight from 30 to 60 seconds option with nothing in between? Seems like battery life would be greatly saved. Thx.

@gman5, You should make the title of your post something like “45 second recording option” and move it to the Feature Request Board category. That will allow others to vote on it and it will have a better chance of getting noticed.

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Why exclude shorter lengths? I really need 10 seconds or less. Why not offer 10 seconds? I never see anything interesting the last 5 seconds. Because I was missing important activities i have set capture to frequent, so if there is continuing activity i capture much of it, with small breaks, in any case. Having this option would allow me to save about 30% of my battery life.

I would like to be able to reduce the recording time of the video of someone pressing the ring doorbell button to 5s (or some user-defined value) - currently only 50 seconds or higher is possible - however since during the recording time no further notifications are sent / chimes rung, reducing the recording time would seem to be a good interim solution to me.