Shipping to the Czech Republic

Hi - I’d like to make use of the current sale to order some cams, but it appears that Czech Republic has been removed as a shipping destination in both the EU Ring store and Ring store.

Is this a bug or is CZ no longer a supported shipping destination? I ordered a doorbell from the store earlier this year with no issues. CZ is still listed as a supported country for the app.


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Hi @user46180 . What item are you trying to order? If you can, please also share a screenshot of what you see on your end when you try to put the Czech Republic as the shipping destination, just ensure any personal information is covered.

Hi there, the issues persists across browsers and devices and it doesn’t matter which product I have in my basket.

I have attached a screenshot where you can see that CZ is absent from the list.

I did check my purchase history and the last item I had shipped to cz was at the beginning of the year.


Hi, I have the same problem, checked by other Ring Users and the same problem - even if we have Protect Plan active, no possibility for shipping to Czech republic.

Hi, my last order from the Ring site was August 2022. It’s a poor show if they’re quietly dropping support for this country.

I have same problem :frowning:

Hi, can you give us some feedback, why Ring stopped shipping products to Czech Republic, please? Thanks

I tried using Apple Pay as this will allow me to enter a Czech address. Unfortunately it wouldn’t allow me to complete the purchase.

I’ve heard nothing back on the ticket I raised and didn’t get a reply from a distributor contact I was given by customer service.

I think it’s safe to assume that shipping to CZ is no longer a possibility for whatever reason.

It’s not just Czech Republic… I just talked to support. They are now only shipping to 12 EU nations …
This sucks big time …as I invested heavily in the Ring Ecosystem …

I ordered some cameras through Amazon with delivery to Czech Republic, but no discounts, no 10 % from Protect plan… Did they tell you why they stopped deliveries here?

I tried ordering from Amazon Germany for delivery to CZ and I got an error informing me shipping is not available. This used to work in the past.

The sale price is available but doesn’t include the 10% protect discount.

I think I’ll just order and get them sent to the UK and pick them up at some point.

Hi neighbors. I looked into this further, and the current list of European countries that Ring delivers to can be found here. If your country is not on that list, we do not sell or ship to your country at this time. You can still contact support for assistance if you already have a Ring device and need help. Your continued feedback is appreciated and has been passed onto the appropriate team.

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Is there a reason why delivery to CZ was removed?

I’ve invested in devices and have a plan billed to a CZ address, but cannot make any further purchases.

That’s a very informative post. Thank you for that.

But we’re paying customers already - “Protect Plan”, “Lifetime warranty”, etc., you remember? And we ask why you quietly removed our country from the list? Or at least why without any notice? Should we still be paying for our subscriptions? Do you plan also to cut off access to your servers for our devices?

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