Shipping to Quebec

Just purchased a Ring Doorbell Pro from Home Depot in Montreal, Quebec.
Just after registration, I get an email from Ring offering a free faceplate, including shipping.
Long story short, after speaking with a customer rep and then a sales rap, I’m told Ring DOES NOT SHIP to the province of Quebec!!!
I have read the neighborhood community notes and I understand that because of some local regulations, the alarm monitoring etc cannot be activated in the province.
But shipping a face plate???
Was the answer correct?
If so, why would Ring even mail this “free offer”?

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Use the code they provided in the email. After you paste the promo cod in, “Quebec” suddenly appears in the pick-list of Provinces and States. I just received mine (in Quebec) a couple of weeks ago.


It also works when you have a registered Quebec address in their customer database. Such as my Ring Protect Basic Plan. Mine took about a week to receive in Brossard QC, one of Montreal’s south-shore suburbs.